Various Updates regarding the lecture and exercises

A couple of news and updates regarding the lecture and exercises for Computer Networks: The latest exercise slides and sample solutions for exercise sheet 4 are online. Please note that there was a mistake on slide 10 regarding the solution of task 1.2. The slides now contain the corrected result. Many thanks to the student who identified the error and provided the correct solution. My apologies for the mistake and to all the students I corrected wrongly by mistake.

Furthermore, the latest exercise sheet 5 is online as well. Due to the guest lecture we will enjoy on January 18, 2022 the solution for this sheet is due one week later (January 25 - 27). We will discuss the sheet in the exercises between January 18 to 20.

The guest lecture on January 18, 2022 will be held by Daniel Wagner. He is a researcher at the DE-CIX, the largest Internet exchange point worldwide, located here in Frankfurt. He will talk about the operations and ongoing research at the DE-CIX. The content of his talk will mostly cover topics from Layer 2 and 3 (and between). Independent from the question whether the remainder of the lecture will be held purely online or in a hybrid manner, Mr. Wagner’s talk is going to be streamed via Zoom only.

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